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POS (Point of Sale) Module for M-stock

Point of Sale ( POS ) Re-designed for better performance and user interface. Point of Sale ( POS ) Module for M-stock is a useful add-on for M-stock.

Point of Sale ( POS ) module have Paypal Pro and Stripe payment gateways to accept credit card payments with suspend sales and sell gift cards. POS module design is simple and productivity. You can accept multiple payments for sale.
Please be informed that this is not a standalone app. Point of Sale ( POS ) Module can only be used with M-stock.


Feature List :

  • Add Item by Barcode scanner and code/name suggestion
  • Ability to add manual product to order list
  • Ability to sell gift cards
  • Ability to edit the product price on sale page
  • Instant discount (add percentage or fixed discount to order and/or any product)
  • Rounding to nearest 0.05
  • Option to add comment
  • Record multiple payments to sale
  • Payment Gateways (Paypal Pro and Stripe) for Credit Card Payment Processing
  • Added Qz Printing Plug-in (Java Applet) to print and open cash drawer
  • Added swipe credit card input
  • Sell gift cards
  • Pay by gift card
  • Simple restriction for staff to not delete item in POS (POS will ask for password, that owner can set in POS Settings)

Complete screenshots :